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What is the study?

The Everyday Moments of Mindful Attention (EMMA) study is a research study for healthy women who feel stressed or down. By participating in the EMMA study, you will help us understand more about effective ways to respond to daily stressors in a new, healthier way.

To participate, please join the EMMA study.

What is the goal?

The goal of the Everyday Moments of Mindful Attention (EMMA) study is to improve the well-being and health of women who have a history of early life stress. To meet this goal, we need to understand how stress affects their daily life and examine what coping techniques could be helpful in responding to stress in a better way. EMMA specifically examines mindfulness-based skills for coping with daily stress.

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What does it mean to join?

If you agree, the following procedures will occur:


We will ask you to complete an online questionnaire and brief daily surveys in the morning and evening. This will occur in the days leading up to your study meeting.


We will then ask you to join a remote study meeting via Zoom. At that time, you will complete more interview-based questions about your mental and physical health.


If you can be in the main part of the study, and you choose to take part, you will then provide biological measures as well. At the end of your first study meeting, you will be assigned to one of two mindfulness conditions, and we will show you how to use the study app.


You will then complete your assigned intervention for 8 weeks. You will be asked to report on your general thoughts and feelings in daily life. Depending on your condition, you may also be asked to complete brief mindfulness practices. You will receive notifications on your phone twice a day once it is time to complete a task associated with your condition. We will also ask you to wear a ring on your finger (that collects physiological and behavioral information) for the duration of the study.


When you are finished completing your assigned study activity for 8 weeks, you will meet with the study team a second time (again remotely via Zoom) to complete follow-up self-report and interview-based questions, and to provide biological measures.

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