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Feeling stressed?
Learn a mindful approach to coping in your daily life!

Join a UCSF study that will help us to better understand how daily mindfulness may affect your everyday well-being, stress, and health.

Join Today

You can take part if you are a healthy woman ages 30-50 who has experienced early life stress.

Find out if you're eligible by taking the quick eligibility screener.

Why join?

Learn mindfulness-based skills that you will practice in everyday life over 8 weeks. Contributing to science helps us move toward a more stress-free future for yourself and others like you!

You will also receive $300 for doing all parts of the study.

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What will I do?

You will remotely meet with the study team two times (via Zoom) – once at the start and again at the end.

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Each time you will be asked to:

  • Complete self-report and interview-guided questions.

  • Provide biological measures.

In between meetings with the study team, you may be asked to:

  • Be mindful of your stress and mood and track your experiences twice a day over 8 weeks.

  • Practice mindfulness activities in your daily life over 8 weeks.

  • Wear a ring on your finger that measures physiological and behavioral data.

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